Can You Wear Shorts in Dubai?

Can You Wear Shorts in Dubai?

Nearly every single person in the entire world is aware of the fact that Dubai has turned into one of the top ten tourist locations in the entire world, the government has worked extremely hard in providing tourist with limitless options of activities to do in Dubai whereas the private sector including the entertainment industry has also listed so many options and activities to do in Dubai. The world has gradually increased the requirement all of us have to work in order to survive, technology is much more updated and most of our jobs can now be done by a machine, and those of us who already have jobs are working hard to not get replaced and loose the only source of living we have. In order to keep our productivity to a 100% and balance all the aspects of life family, friends and work it is almost necessary that we plan a getaway every couple of months to a strange new land for a week or two and try everything that the new city has to offer. However, one of the many questions that cross your mind while planning you vacation is what to wear and what to pack for the span of time you will be staying in the city.

The United Arab Emirates is a country that is Islamic and has all its officials associated with the same religion, due to this many believe that this has a great effect on the choice of your clothing and activities. Most of the people that visit Dubai for pleasure purposes originate from the western world which means that all the people have a very wild of way of relaxing and enjoying. Drinks, bikinis, Escort Dubai and dancing are all core segments of a vacation and despite Dubai being an Islamic state there is no such restriction on all of these activities as long as you are not doing it in public. So if your question is that Can You Wear Shorts in Dubai? That surely we are glad to tell you that you can wear both shorts and skirts in Dubai as long as they are of knee length. Dubai is quite densely populated however that population does not involve local Emiratis or the residents as the bigger contributors to the population statistics, this means that despite Dubai having a culture and tradition of women wearing burqas and covering themselves from head to toe, that population of women is too low which means that they do not have that great of an influence on the mindset of the society. As Dubai expanded with regards to business and tourism, more and more people from all over the world specially Asians came to the city in search of work. With the huge employment rate along with frequently visiting tourists all year around the population of inhabitants in Dubai shifted to external traditions due to which a much more open minded approach towards the clothing code and rules related to drinking and clubbing were adapted.

What to wear in Dubai?

Dubai is a naturally a city that is met with constant warm mornings and relatively cooler nights, as the city in reality was a desert that touched the sea, the temperature and weather patterns are also that of a desert. Most tourist prefer wearing t shirts along with Bermuda shorts and slippers to escape the heat, whereas almost anything is allowed to be worn out in the public as long as it is not too revealing and does not show any cleavages. When you are out in the public such as the roads or the shopping malls you can whatever you like that is modest, this even includes sleeveless shirts as long as they have high neck line and do not expose the breast area or your bra. But you may need to keep in mind that as Dubai is met with hot temperatures it has high blast chillers and air conditioning to fight the heat so you may need to keep a thin jacket or a sweater to fight the chill. The changing of clothing will drastically change in accordance where you visit that day. You need to take clothing into special consideration if you are in the mood of visiting religious sights or artifacts as it is required by you to have special respect for those places, it is advised that you wear clothing that covers your shoulders, shows no cleavage and covers your legs so as to not offend any of the workers or the inhabitants in the area. Except for this you are free to wear whatever you want that feels appropriate most of the time its not the others that will feel uncomfortable it will be you as there have been reports on men staring at women who wear extensively revealing clothing, if that is the case and a local feels uncomfortable he will complain to the officials and you will be requested to cover yourself in the appropriate manner.

Also if you plan on going to the beach, a swimming pool or the water park, then you can easily wear a bikini or a swimsuit whereas for the men you can wear only shorts, as long as what you wear is not in the color white as once wet the color white turns transparent which shows nudity which is not allowed even in the beach areas. Whenever you plan on wearing a swimsuit make sure you stay close to the beach or the pool area as it is not allowed to roam around in the lobby or the streets and even in public transport while in such revealing clothing.

To anyone who has never been to Dubai and is planning to you would definitely hear rumors about how tough the rules and regulations in Dubai really are however you will be surprised to know that the officials turn a blind eye to most of the activities as most of the people in Dubai are really foreigners and contribute a lot to the rules of the states like wearing what you want for example.