How to Find Cheap Dubai Whores

As everyone who have visited Dubai knows that availing a fulltime escortservice in Dubai is a secret and it is tricky question as to how to find cheap Dubai whores. If you are visiting or planning to visit Dubai for the first time then just know that hiring a hooker escort in Dubai has to […]

How to Be More Present During Sex

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether you locked your car door or not, what will you have for dinner or what groceries you need to get, while having sexual intercourse with your partner? If you have, don’t worry, it’s nothing to feel guilty about, it happens to most and the best of us. We […]

What Do Women Find Most Attractive In Men

What do women want, this is a question that philosophers, psychologists and men altogether have not been able to answer. But we can help you provide a rough idea about what do women want and find attractive in men. Kindness and generosity Compassion and bounteousness is something that every woman loves in a man. They […]

Why men enjoy lesbian porn

According to a few researches, lesbian porn is one of the highest browsing tags on most websites. Have you ever wondered, what is so attractive in the sexual activities between two women that in friends, Joey and Chandler agreed to give up their bet reward- an apartment in Manhattan- to watch two of their female […]


Luxury Cars in Dubai The first place that comes to our mind when we hear the word ‘luxury’ is none other than the most visited city of UAE, Dubai. One of the seven emirates of the UAE, Dubai is one of the most visited cities of the world and has gained international recognition for its […]

Can You Wear Shorts in Dubai?

Nearly every single person in the entire world is aware of the fact that Dubai has turned into one of the top ten tourist locations in the entire world, the government has worked extremely hard in providing tourist with limitless options of activities to do in Dubai whereas the private sector including the entertainment industry […]