Is There Any Red Light Area in Dubai?

Is There Any Red Light Area in Dubai?

What is a Red Light Area?

To those of our readers who are still unclear about what a red light area is, a red light area is an area that has dense population of shops, houses or clubs that sell sex, or sexually oriented services which are closely associated to prostitution, many areas of the world have been declared as red light areas, a term derived from the time when brothel signs were red, as in a lot of the popular countries prostitution is legal and the authorities have no problem with such areas being a part of their city, however this not the entire case with Dubai. As with most Islamic states of the entire world, the culture and tradition of the inhabitants of this city is as such that any sexual activity out of wedlock is frowned upon and even punishable, however Dubai has turned into the center of tourism and business activities and most businessmen are looking to increase their influence in this region of the world mainly due to its cheap electricity and petroleum. Regardless of the reasons that people visit Dubai one of the very first things that busy men on business trips or single men on vacations ask for is a paid sex date. Sexual intercourse is one of those luxuries that are popular amongst men for multiple reasons. At first it is one of the best ways to relax and comfort yourself, whether it is the stress from business meetings that has you feeling low or the fact that you have escaped from your everyday life and have come to Dubai to have a good couple of weeks.

The red light area makes sure that men know where to find such services as the area serves two purposes, the first of course being of keeping the tourists and the locals content and the second being the fact that the sexual activities stay restricted to a particular area so that anyone who does not wish to participate in such activities willingly is not affected by it. As Dubai is an Islamic state there is no such area pre-determined or announced by neither the people nor the officials, the government authorities in the past have been seen shutting downing any brothels that were brought to their attention and fining and deporting any escorts that were caught engaged in sex trade. This ideology has seen a drastic change as more and more people visit Dubai on a regular basis, the inhabitants, locally known as Emirati are actually less in number than the foreign tourists or workers present in Dubai, which means that despite the fact that traditions and culture is highly respected and taken in high regard an example being the dress code applied to the tourists, the culture is necessarily not always promoted as more and more people engage in communication and slowly alter the customs of the area, which is one of the main reasons that the authorities turn a blind eye to all the prostitution and sexually related activities as long as public display of affection is not displayed. Anything that happens behind closed doors is not the concern of the authorities which is why the tourists, the locals and those on business trips have no issue as long as the services they desire can be requested no matter where they are.  This brings us to the big question “is there any red light area in Dubai?” and the answer to that is that there is no red light area in Dubai, the tourist and the sex workers have had areas in the past but they were all getting to popular and with such areas there is a bad influence on the reputation of Dubai as being a ‘family friendly destination’.

How to find sex in Dubai?

What may still keep you wondering is that if the culture of sex for money is so widely spread and Dubai is one of the top 20 places to visit for single men how do men actually get access to such services. Well the answer to that is sub divided into two different parts, the first method of acquiring such services is by personally visiting the nightclubs and the bars located throughout the city, dress to look rich head up to the bar and order an expensive drink you will immediately know that which girl is up for sex but on the off chance that you do not find a girl wait around till like 3 am and head outside the bar to find the brokers selling girls off for the night. These areas specially the ones that are densely populated by the hotels and bars are the closest to what you can call a red light area in Dubai.

The second way to acquire the services of escorts in Dubai is by ordering for it online. This is one of practices that are much more favored amongst the visitors as it is much more time efficient and you get to choose who you want to spend the night with. With the development of Dubai to the extent that it managed to attract nearly every single travel enthusiast to a city that was not too long ago a desert. Dubai has made sure that every angle of judgement is covered and development takes place in every sector which of course includes one of the most popular industries of Dubai, the escort or prostitution sector. The websites initiated a system close to food applications that we use in our everyday life. The website shows you all the available models along with rates and lets you pick and order the one that you prefer, most agencies offer quick and effective services and stay open 24/7, which means that there really is no need to go to different areas in search of red light areas in Dubai when you can get everything you desire in similar prices while you wait in the comfort of your hotel room.