How to Compliment a Woman Without Making It Weird

How to Compliment a Woman Without Making It Weird

It is natural for people to like being appreciated and complimented

There are numerous self-declared dating gurus out there who will ask you to suck it up and approach a hundred ladies. Be that as it may, most of us know, it’s more difficult than one might expect. Approaching a woman, let alone complimenting her, takes something other than just fortitude; you also need a decent opening line. Superficially, compliments can appear to be non-threatening to those who are delivering them. However, for the individual receiving them, it very well may be an alternate story through and through.

Some might feel that the compliment they’re about to deliver sounds extraordinary in their minds. But in the event that they are delivered in an offensive manner or just not received very well, an honest circumstance can turn out badly in only seconds. So, isn’t there a way to come through despite these problems so as to charm or dazzle a young lady, there must be some approach to make sense of how a compliment ought to be given.

 We have brought you a few tips that you can try to make the deliverance and receiving of such compliments smoother.

First and foremost, the context of who you are to the other person, who the other person is to you, where you both are present, how you’re talking, and what your relationship and level of friendliness and intimacy with each other is plays a big part. Your perfectly innocent, perfectly delivered, good compliment can go down the drain if you’re not careful about where you are.

For example, in the work place, if you compliment a co-worker or employee while she is trying to complete a task assigned to her the she is likely to not like your compliment. She will think of you as a jerk who is trying to distract her from her work because he thinks her work and its importance is insignificant. For career-oriented girls, this is very offensive and you might blow your chance with her from the start.

Be genuine. Tell her what you like about her and make it as truthful as you can. A simple yet genuine compliment will make you look honest and decent, instead of a pickup line which might make you come off weird and a playboy.  Instead of making an inauthentic remark or compliment, just say something about what you actually like.

Be confident, the key to making a good impression on a woman is to be confident, know what you’re good at. So if you are able to approach a girl, shoot your shot. There’s nothing a lady likes more than a self-assured and poised man. However, it’s okay if you’re nervous.

If you are a little low of confidence and still wish to approach a woman, just focus on her rather than focusing on your nervousness or whether you’re being creepy or awkward. Rid your mind of what you feel due to the nervousness, put your mind to what she makes you feel. How your heart feels inside your chest, how the ground feels under your feet, how the light air on your cheeks feels, what effect she has on you.

When you’re scared and jumpy, slow down. Slow down each of your movements and your reactions. Enjoy the fear and excitement of approaching a girl. Don’t be scared to be scared. If you are worked up and out of it then your delivery of a very honest compliment will feel like fake and disconnected.

When you’re nervous while talking to a girl, just call it out. Tell her that you’re nervous because she has that kind of effect on you. Something like this is bound to make a girl blush and you come forward to be more honest and genuine, instead of a weird man who keeps fiddling with his hands and can’t even deliver a proper full sentence.

Be present in the moment. Are you actually even present? Are you making eye contact with her and making sure she feels connected? Are you paying attention to her expressions, the vibe she’s giving off, especially non-verbally? If you’re not in the moment and feeling everything, each of your words and movement can come off as calculated with a hidden reason behind it.

Let go of expectations. If you deliver a compliment and then expect something in return from the person, then you are going against the whole idea of compliments all together. It is okay to expect some sort of reply in return, but it is not okay to be attached to that expectation and act out once it’s not met. How many times have we seen a guy who compliments a girl and then expects the girl to either be completely flattered or compliment him in return but when she doesn’t do so, he just says something mean and offensive or calls her out in a way which makes his look very unattractive and even repulsive.

Be creative

You have to go the extra mile. There are girls who are approached by 10s of men on a daily basis complimenting them, objectifying their bodies or maybe even delivering genuine comments but if you want to stand out then you have to be creative and different than all those jerks out there. You have to say or do something that will show the woman that you are not similar or the same as those other creepy douches.

Insult is not a compliment.

Last but not the least, an insult is never a compliment. For girls with good confidence and strong self-esteem, a compliment that is actually an insult or is a compliment in comparative term will always be a weird comment, they will never take it well. Comments on how they’ve lost weight or how they actually look like a girl for once or how pretty they look among other “ugly” girls, will never be received well.

All in all, if you are respectful, considerate and know your limits, it is rare for you to come off as a douche.