What Do Women Find Most Attractive In Men

What Do Women Find Most Attractive In Men

What do women want, this is a question that philosophers, psychologists and men altogether have not been able to answer.

But we can help you provide a rough idea about what do women want and find attractive in men.

Kindness and generosity

Compassion and bounteousness is something that every woman loves in a man. They tend to appreciate an open heart. It shows them that this person has a soft heart yet can take responsibility upon their shoulders.
This is also one of the reasons why women tend to like men who own dogs or other pets, it shows their caring and nurturing nature- something which a woman who is looking for a long term relationship requires.
Women tend to base their judgments about how compassionate a man is according to how he treats people around him, for example, parents, pets, and staff. This shows his approach and behavior towards every person providing an insight about how he would treat the women herself.

Sense of Humour

A guy who makes her laugh is automatically more attractive to woman. So, having a good sense of humour is extremely attractive to women. Women always tend to see the bigger picture and find the hidden meaning behind things, including how much a guy makes her laugh. It is probable that a woman likes you better and chooses you over someone else because you “make her laugh”. Same or similar sense of humour shows compatibility between two people.

Geek Boy Look

Long gone are the days when women were into jocks and bad boys, now women tend to date and be attracted to geeky-ly ambitious men, who are into video games and sci-fi movies and aren’t afraid to share their love and thoughts for these movies. Geek boys are more able to hold their conversations and have the smarts to understand what is being said at both sides, making them a good companion to discuss new things with.

Eye Contact

This straightforward action is extremely vital for showing that you actually care.

Every time a woman is speaking to you, no matter what the topic is about or whether you like it or not, maintain eye contact. This simple act has the ability to impress her immensely as it shows that you are not only interested in what she has to say and her opinions but you also respect their opinions.

So the next time you’re out on a date or just talking to a woman, look at her in the yes while talking to her, not in your phone or what your companion is wearing perhaps. This shows that you are interested in them for their intellect and mind and not just their body, for example.

Mindful and Attentive

Women are more attracted to men who are more attentive of not only them but even their surroundings. Men who are not afraid of showing how they feel are more popular among the ladies, as women don’t like to be kept guessing where they stand and their self-worth. They are attracted to men with a softer and emotional side to them

Mature look

It is also widely seen that women dig men with salt and pepper hair, men who appear to look older and mature. It is also called the “Clooney effect”. This is for multiple reasons, women find these men to be mature and responsible and assume that they can take on their responsibility easily. It also means they’ve had time to acquire resources and wealth that will be beneficial to them. They also appear to be more confident and powerful which is always an attraction for successful women. It also could give them a sense of protection and calm that their partner or spouse is mature enough to deal with their problems instead of just running away.

Smelling Good

Women are obsessed with smelling good. They also appreciate the most when their partner/date smells good as well. It is recommended that you wear a scented deodorant instead if just a normal deodorant. It was seen in a study that bad body odor on a man was an instant turn off for 8 out of 10 women. So if you want to be able to impress women out of those 10 women, then use deodorants and antiperspirants to make you smell good.

Confidence and looking proud

Women are attracted to men who are confident about themselves yet do not brag about their accomplishments. So if you go in there with that smirk on your face and tell the woman about your promotion yet then stop and ask her a question about her personal interest, you will be more attractive to her as she sees you as someone who’s confident yet not conceited.

If you wish to gain a woman’s interest, be confident enough to talk to her. It has been proven in studies that wearing a new scent or smelling good can boost a person’s confidence. So maybe try that.

Adventurous and Risk taking activities

If you are someone who enjoys dangerous sports such as paragliding or kayaking, then you are more attractive to women than people who would indulge in activities that are less dangerous or risky. Women associate the tendency to take risks with masculinity and responsibility so they see you as a strong partner who will go to lengths for safety and protexction of themselves and their partner.

Women are attracted to men who are keen on taking “hunter-gatherer risks”, as the researchers call them as were our ancestors in the older times.

Strong Hands

Hands are the one of the body argans that are used the mosty during any interaction. Strong hands again show the ability of a man to fight and protect himself and his companion. Holding such hands or having them wrapped around themselves does make women feel a sense of security. Gentle touch coming from muscular hands and vieny forearms is a feeling that is appreciated and loved by every woman out there.